Like a tower of blocks

This past weekend and few days leading up to it have been an emotional roller coaster.  One tiny incident that happened this morning sums it up nicely.

Today was my second go at climbing the Mount Sanitas trail, which I did with my love and his friend.  His friend is an outdoorsy fellow who does a lot of hiking.  Although he wouldn’t consider himself fit, he is certainly more fit than us and above average anywhere else but Boulder.

You should know that Mount Sanitas is a three mile route with elevation gain of 1,200 feet.  Most of the climb is scrambling boulders with occasional points to catch your breath and enjoy the eastern view of the Colorado plains.

During the hike the three of us are making conversation as we sweat and huff and puff up the rocks.  I’m feeling great because 1) I got my butt out of bed before 8am on a Sunday (yeah, I know, we don’t have kids), 2) I barely finished the hike the last time we did it and, 3) this week I celebrated losing 20 pounds.  The friend of my dear husband says, “you should check out that fitness and weight loss thing they have on tv”, and then tried for 5 minutes to remember the name of it for me.

Have you ever played blocks with a three year old? You know how they want you to build a great tower only so they can charge through it like Godzilla?  Yeah.  That was how his comment crushed me today.

I know that he didn’t really think his comment through, or that he has no idea the focus that weight loss and fitness is having in my life right now.  What surprised me was that the comment affected me.  Just when I think I’m making significant progress emotionally, I am reminded that this journey isn’t over.  By far.

So I pick up the blocks and begin to build again.  Today is the beginning of another week and I intend to celebrate again on Wednesday.

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