Social changes

I’ve been marinating on The Curvy Nerd’s post yesterday about losing friends after weight loss.  Having just moved to a new town, my relationships with my friends are already changed (plus, I’m making new friends now).  However, I keep thinking about thinking about her second question,

Have you ever felt like certain people in your life purposely try to sabotage or discourage you from your weight loss/lifestyle change?

It is hard to believe that people would want to hinder your ability to be successful in a healthy life-change, but I suppose it is possible.  For example, my family was visiting us this past week and there a few times that I heard, “it’s no big deal.  It’s just a slice of toast” …or crackers & cheese…or yogurt….  To them these things sound harmless in moderation, and I have to remind myself that they do not understand all the reasons behind the boundaries I set for myself.  In fact, my own husband was enjoying a special premium ice cream the other night and offered me a taste.  When I said no he asked again and I nearly lost it.  Of course he wasn’t trying to derail me, just wanted to include the one he loves in something that he was enjoying.

Has this happened to you?  Are you able to patiently stay firm with your position?  What helps you see this situation in a new way?

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