Celebration of my love

Saturday was my wonderful husband’s birthday and it was a great day.  I found myself reflecting on how important he is to this journey.  I know it seems like he would be supportive, but living with someone aggressively working on a life change is harder than it seems.  There are many times when he resigns himself to eating a hamburger without a bun, or not visiting a restaurant on a perfect summer day, or getting up at 6:15 am to run a trail with me like this:

muddy shoesSo this weekend was a celebration of him. I saved up my points and made sure I was super active this weekend.  Here are the spoils of our weekend:

bbq dinnerlawn furniture

We purchased the BBQ this weekend (a great find on Craigslist!) and our newly painted furniture just arrived on Saturday.  Just two of several gifts he received.  The BBQ looks good, doesn’t it?  I enjoyed every bit of it, and our weekend together.

Happiest of birthday’s to the man who has chosen to walk beside me in life and enjoy all this fun.  I love you.

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