Meal Planning

One factor that makes all the difference for me in weight loss is planning my meals.  This is reinforced by what happens when I don’t plan my meals:  I get hungry, I search for food to buy, and when buying food, I want it to be good and eat it all up.  And so, I’ve begun to plan my meals and my favorite tool for planning is this:

Usually for me the hardest is dinner because it’s hard to predict how much cooking I will want to do when I get home from work.  This little pad will last me more than a year and focuses on dinners.  It even has a great little option for take out (which lately I’ve been accommodating with Naked Pizza – one large cheese slice is only 2 WW points!).

I’ve learned I need to plan for changes to the plan.  The week goes by and things happen – and sometimes I am just plain exhausted and can’t even think about something to eat.  Having go-to comfort food around, like frozen meals, is essential.

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1 Response to Meal Planning

  1. Gail says:

    Wow, great minds really do think alike! I hope you’ve got more of this week filled in than me (I seem to be using the one meal at a time approach ;-))

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